Workforce paradoxes and how to navigate them with tooling

The workforce solutions field has to continuously manage paradoxes to deliver on customer expectations and to drive innovation. Quite the challenge! We’d like to share some thoughts on how to navigate them with technology. Join us on Linkedin Live! February 24th, 11am.

Did you ever hear somebody make a bold statement and then contradict themselves in the same sentence?

When this happens in a professional context, you might not call them out on it. That is, however,  problematic when you design a workforce solution, especially in the evolving MSP and VMS landscape. Surely today we are able to explain that high quality people cannot be delivered at no cost. But how can we respond to the paradoxes of today’s workforce challenges?

A couple of examples:

  • A workforce solution must be quickly delivered, but completely customised.
  • A workforce solution must be agile, but cannot involve a cost for change.
  • A workforce solution should support a global scope as enterprise grade, regardless of local volumes.

And there is much more where that came from.. Anything that comes to mind?

Now, from an MSP service perspective, we know you are busy closing these gaps with your 4.0 proposition. We would like to help you out by offering some ideas from a technological standpoint.

Jack and Kieran will discuss the most important paradoxes that can be mitigated by technology. As our own Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, they will try to plant the seed in your mind that will strengthen your belief that in regards to technology, the impossible is often actually possible.

  • Subject

    Workforce paradoxes

  • Date

    February 24th, 2022

  • Time

    11am (GMT)

  • Host

    Jack Newman and Kieran Jones