Trouble joining the webinar?

If you have trouble joining the webinar because you are unable to install GoToWebinar on your computer, you have the following alternatives:

1. IT support

Ask the system administrator of your organisation to allow installation of GoToWebinar to facilitate working remotely. Please let us know of any objections via the contact page.

2. Other computer

Follow the session via a computer on which you can install GoToWebinar.

3. Smartphone

Follow the session via your smartphone and GoToWebinar app. This is available in the App store and Play store.

4. Watch later

After the session we will send you the recording. If you have any questions after watching, let us know via our customer portal ‘Hello! Nétive or notify your contact person at Nétive.

5. Request a demo

If you are particularly interested in a specific subject, you can always request a demo via your contact person or via the demo request page.