Nétive organises several training programs. During the sessions, which take place at our office in Rijswijk, we focus on a specific topic with a small group of people (maximum of six participants).

We offer the following training modules:

Basic application and process management

General training about the basic functioning of the application. During the training, the process and the corresponding configuration of the following topics are dealt with: job requisition, sourcing, self-registration, proposals, assignment creation, time registration and account management. Frequently asked questions are also discussed during the session.

This training is developed for starting MSP employees or application managers and costs €250,- per participant.

Basic reporting

This training session deals with the foundation for creating reports. All basic functionalities for viewing and creating reports are discussed. In addition to an explanation on how to choose the correct report type, other topics such as filtering, grouping, summarising, dashboards and creating simple formulae are also discussed

This training is developed for starting MSP employees or application managers and costs  €150,- per participant.

Extra information

If you take both training programs in one day, you will pay €350,- per participant for both programs.

At least 2 participants are needed for the training to take place.

You can sign up for the training below.

If two or more participants from the same company want to take the training, it can also take place on location. Please contact us for more information.


Nétive’s products offer many possibilities. It is impossible to learn everything about our application in a short period of time.
Since we are often asked questions, we have decided to create regular webinars in which specific topics are discussed and explained.
If a webinar is planned, you can find the dates and topics that will be discussed below.


If the webinar moves too fast for you, and you would like to take your time to watch the instructions again, please log on to our service desk portal or contact one of our service desk employees.