Rick van Nierop: Software Engineer

  • Rick van Nierop Netive VMS

My name is Rick van Nierop. Together with my wife Josje Line I have lived in Delft since November 2017 just 15 minutes away by bike from the Nétive office. I am a people person and I love philosophizing, singing, dancing, laughing and sports (rugby, running, cycling).

I joined Nétive at the end of February 2019. Before that I worked for 7 years as a Salesforce.com developer and consultant, first as an employee with an implementation partner, later as a freelancer for Ebay.

Last year I decided to change tack and worked part time in an organic supermarket, so I could also focus on my personal development. I made a trip to Brazil, participated in a 10 day silence meditation workshop and followed a training to become a biodynamic gardener. In other words: had enough adventures to continue my work as a developer at this pleasant company with fresh energy and inspiration.