Remco Sellmeijer: Software Engineer

  • Remco Sellmeijer Netive VMS

I first came into contact with Nétive when I was looking for a company to do my final internship at. The ambitions of the company, the team and the internship persuaded me to take on the challenge and to get my HBO Bachelor in Informatica together with Nétive.

After finishing my Bachelor, I joined the Development team as fulltime Developer. This gives me the opportunity as starter to keep on making progress and learning after my graduation. Tackling problems as a team and fixing them with the tools available, creates a certain diversity and makes every day a different one. I am at the beginning of my career and I hope to make something truly beautiful of it.

In my spare time, I gladly turn on the television to play games or watch a movie or series. Furthermore, I enjoy going for a beer with friends and I work on my own projects and help those who ask my help with theirs.