Patrick Tiessen: CEO

Patrick Tiessen Netive VMS

My name is Patrick Tiessen. I cofounded Nétive with Chris Neddermeijer and Leon Vet, my former colleagues. Our goal was to change the world of the agency work sector. Insight, transparency and process optimization are key. At first, we used to mainly focus on the customer. Over time we started automatizing the entire intake process and everything it embraced.

Meanwhile, we have been on this journey for almost 15 years. I use the word journey intentionally, for it has felt like a true expedition. You can often hear me say it isn’t like working for Nétive but rather working on Nétive as a whole, something magnificent is at work here.

In my current role as General Manager, I finalized an important change within Nétive: the Rockefeller Habits. Ever since, we have practiced this management methodology on fast growing enterprises. This methodology actually makes it possible for us to grow as an organization and our employees simultaneously work on their personal growth as we do so. I have made it my ambition to become the greatest entrepreneur in our field.

Until I was in my thirties, you could always find me on the tennis court. For years I gave tennis lessons in Rotterdam as well. Lately, I have mostly worked on my golf handicap. By taking a one-hour lesson every week, I am swiftly aiming for a single handicap!

I am truly proud of my partner Joanne and her son Coen. We are currently living at the outskirts of The Hague, daily enjoying our walk on the dunes or the beach with our dogs.