Josje van der Bent: Application Support Engineer

  • Josje van der Bent Netive VMS

My name is Josje, and I have been part of the Nétive Support team since June 2021. Before starting at Netive, I did several other things, including work as a receptionist and as a marketer. These are quite different fields, but I notice in my work at Nétive that I benefit a lot from both experiences!

I enjoy the contact with our customers, and our search for answers to the questions and problems that come our way is always a fun challenge. We are always looking for the most suitable solutions, both in the short and the long term, and that sometimes involves customization. That’s puzzling, but we do it with verve (and even a little flair).

In my spare time I’m a book-eater and I draw whole sketchbooks, preferably on the balcony of the apartment I share with my partner (and sometimes the neighborhood cat).