Narada Bouwland: Solution Architect

Narada Bouwland Netive VMS

My name is Narada Bouwland and I have work for Nétive as Solution Architect since April 2018. My background in a nutshell: after a business-related schooling, I started my career at Alten Nederland – a supplier of technical professionals. Next, I kept myself busy with the organization of financing innovative IT projects of software companies at Innocision. I wanted to be closer to actual technical solutions and that opportunity was given to me by Nétive.

Moreover, I am married and father of three children. I can truly enjoy playing and watching basketball and my love for making music explains my regular visits to concerts.

And finally, in my role as Solution Architect, I expect that I will see you sooner or later and I am looking forward to it.

I will see you then!