Leon Vet: Software Engineer

Leon Vet Netive VMS

As one of the founders of our VMS solution, I have been working as a software engineer at Nétive, ever since the early beginning in 2003. My forte is mostly the backside of the system and inventing the data storage, complex logic, such as timesheets, invoices, and working on the export functionality in our platform.

Living in The Hague, I make way on my motor through the daily traffic jams and after working hours, my wife often jumps on the backseat for a ride. Not just cars and motors, but also photography and films are hobbies I make time for. Fixing the car, redecorating in and around the house are well spent on me. The challenge is to always tease your brain a bit before actually starting. In my daily work, solving puzzles is basically part of the job; no wonder, it still entices my interests to the fullest.