Kezia Kampers: Application Support Consultant

  • Kezia Kampers Netive VMS

My name is Kezia Kampers and have been employed at Nétive since September. Previously I have gathered a lot of experience in the customer support and ICT-management fields. These skills have helped me greatly at Nétive as Customer Success Professional. Addressing customers in a friendly and accessible manner while helping with the problems at hand is very fulfilling to me. Nétive offers me the space and support to advance further in this field, this in turn enables me to feel like I can learn something new every day.

My spare time is usually spent with my girlfriend and our friends. A night of games while enjoying a nice wine or beer is our ideal night out. I am also often found in The Hague, where I enjoy having a pleasant walk through the city and a nice lunch to close off the afternoon.