Jolanda Nijboer: Account Manager Customer Success

  • Jolanda Nijboer Netive VMS

I joined Nétive as Account Manager Customer Success in late May 2019. Over the course of my professional career, I have gained a lot of experience with job mediation in various roles.

My engagement with and interest in customers has been central throughout the years. I prefer to work in a team setting, so we can achieve our goals together! You have to work together and involve the customer to get the desired results. To me, these are very important ingredients for Customer Success.

Along with the core values of Nétive, I feel very much at home here. As a person, I am very energetic, proactive, and always to the point. People and their motives, as well as businesses and processes fascinate me. Humour and a good sense of perspective are very important, as is enjoying each and every day! I love to explore the outdoors on my racing bike or mountain bike, either accompanied by my dog or during a trip to a beautiful destination. I fell in love with the lush nature of Africa and with the beauty of Iceland, too. There is so much more left to explore and I hope to undertake many more beautiful journeys.