Jasper Jansen: Software Engineer

  • Jasper Jansen Netive VMS

My name is Jasper Jansen and I am a Software Engineer at Nétive. Computers have been an interest of mine for a long time, which is why I followed an HBO course in Informatica. After my final internship, one I did for Nétive as well, I was given a contract I gladly agreed to and that is how my internship became my job.

The continuous challenges to keep the customer as satisfied as possible is what makes this job fun. It is not just a matter of creating good software, but also the right software. Nétive is a very advanced ICT business and I hope I can learn a lot here.

Outside office hours, you can find me behind a computer screen a lot as well. I love to play games and watch movies and series. If you don’t find me there, you can probably find me playing with our dog or taking a walk.