Frank Lubbers: Sofware Quality Assurance

  • Frank Lubbers Netive VMS

My name is Frank Lubbers, and I live in the beautiful city The Hague together with my girlfriend Sharon. In my spare time, I like to travel to scenic destinations, enjoy the company of my friends and produce music in the studio.

After completing the course Business Administration, I occupied several jobs related to external hiring; among others, at Tempo-Team with clients such as the Haagse Hogeschool and the National Government.

The past years, I focused more on the methodical side, IT Tooling and setting up an MSP at WVN Consultancy. It was during that time, I came into contact with Nétive, both the user’s side and the collaboration of partners.

It’s amazing to see how the application benefits us in our daily errands. Working more efficiently, receiving management information, having a grip on costs and quality; it’s the road to progress and optimization.

As Consultant Customer Success, I put a lot of enthusiasm in helping our customers grow in this improvement and optimization. By obtaining this, you should especially communicate with each other, take an example of best practices and contribute proactively to the opportunities, which will ultimately lead to a greater success.