Eric Noorlander: Director Customer Success

  • Eric Noorlander Netive VMS

My name is Eric Noorlander, I am married to Esther and together we have two children, Arthur and Abe. We live in Lexmond; a nice, small village in the centre of our country. I enjoy dedicating time to photography and biking in the beautiful surroundings of my hometown.

I occupied several roles in the job placement business, successively at Adecco, Maandag and Yacht. The past two years I have been responsible for Dunit, the Broker of Capgemini. During that period, I came to know Nétive better.

I strongly believe in a flexible labor market and that employers, suppliers and candidates perform optimally when they connect (temporarily) without too many obstacles. That’s why I find it truly magnificent to represent Nétive, together with the team Customer Success, and to help our clients benefit from the many advantages our application offers.