Elmer den Braven: Application Support Consultant

  • Elmer den Braven photo

My name is Elmer den Braven and I started working for Nétive in January 2019. As I am writing this, I am engaged with Marloes and we hope to get married in October 2019. I have recently moved to Zoeterwoude after having lived in Eindhoven for years. This is obviously a big change, but I enjoy it very much. I love swimming so I try to lie in the water at least once a week. Likewise, I am a big fan of ice skating on natural ice closely to the village I grew up in, Hoogblokland.

Before Nétive, I worked in an entirely different sector at NKON, an online shop in – mostly – chargeable, industrial lithium batteries. I had a fairly unrestricted role with a lot of customer support, a bit of purchase, online marketing and overseeing export documents. At NKON, I extended the flashlight department, which was really fun to do. However, after a few years of having the same work place, it was high time for a new challenge. At Nétive I found said challenge in the role of Application Support Consultant. A great job with a lot of customer contact, my own responsibilities, flexibility and compelling puzzles to solve for the customer.