Chris Neddermijer: Solution Architect

Chris Neddermeijer Netive VMS

My name is Chris Neddermeijer, I cofounded Nétive with Patrick Tiessen and Leon Vet. I have been keeping myself busy with ‘the concept of hiring’ since 1998: I started as programmer, continued my career as Functional Analyst, Product Owner and I am currently a Solution Architect. In other words, I help partners, clients and prospects find the best solution within the hiring process. Obviously with the help of our magnificent Nétive Workforice Management System!

My passion lies in creating the foundation for the innovation of our product and all possible service related to it. That is why I stay on top of the ‘Flex Market’ and the technical developments of our platform Salesforce. By applying new technology, new product-service-market combinations are created, as are ingenious solutions to current complications. Through the optimal use of technology, I aim to achieve maximum reduction of overhead in the administration, the complexity of hiring and the process itself. This saves precious time that can be used for more personal aspects and communication altogether and, possibly, scale up internationally. My personal goal within the hiring process: ‘Kill Excel’.

I find new technology within the hiring process truly fascinating: currently we are capable of recognizing fully automatic patterns within the hiring process 24/7, predict behaviour, analyse scenarios and suggest improvements automatically. These types of developments aid hiring programs continuously, in the past this was only possible after weeks of manual calculations.

Finally, I am married and the proud father of our four children. I love music, far-away holidays, water sports (sailing, diving), playing golf and running.