Success is built on trust. Trust begins with transparency.  On this page you can find the system status for our Nétive solutions on the Salesforce platform.

System status

We use the Salesforce cloud environment. On this page you can follow the system status of the Salesforce cloud environment, specifically of the cloud environments that we use. This information is directly copied from the Salesforce  system status page. On this website you can find:

Each day, around three billion transactions take place on the Salesforce platform. The system performance can be viewed on the new system performance page.

Planned maintenance

Salesforce carries out planned maintenance at least three times a year. Salesforce’s main releases are seasonal: Spring, Summer and Winter.

Our environments have limited availability during planned maintenance. You can find more information on the Salesforce planned maintenance page.

Salesforce and your privacy

On October 6, 2015, the EU-US Safe Harbor framework was declared invalid by the European Court of Justice. On this same date, Salesforce and Nétive signed the EU model agreement for data exchange. By signing and complying with this EU agreement, personal data exchange on Netive VMS, Marktplaats (Marketplace) or WMS via the Salesforce platform is in accordance with the required and maintained data privacy regulations as prescribed by the EU. You can read more on how we safeguard your privacy in the privacy statement.

Which version am I currently using?

The version that your organisation uses is listed in the address bar in your browser, as indicated below.

screenshot Nétive VMS trust

Overview system status per environment

Salesforce has converted to a new and improved status overview. You can request this overview via this website. In time, we will also display the system status on this page, as before.