Release nétive VMS september

Release Nétive VMS September 2019

The September release will be available in the acceptance environment on Monday November 2nd and will be updated to the production environment on Monday November 9th.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Treating an intake date as a date field

The intake date of an offer can now be treated as a date field. It is also possible to use these fields for reporting (DEV-17118).

Validating merge fields for email templates

When editing or creating email templates, case document templates, attachment templates, and on/offboarding items, a validation check is performed on the entered merge fields. The system will indicate which merge fields are invalid, and where they can be found. If an invalid merge field is found, the template or on/offboarding item cannot be saved. The invalid merge field will have to be replaced with a valid option from an on-screen list (DEV-16940).

Accepting offers from a new offer overview

The action ‘accept’ can now be performed from the new offer overview. It is no longer necessary to open the offer in read mode to perform this action (DEV-16498).