Netive VMS October Release

Release Nétive VMS October 2020

The October release will become available in the acceptance environment on Monday the 7th of October and will be promoted to the production environment on Monday the 12th of October. Refer to the release notes in Hello! Nétive for more information.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Statement of Work

In recent newsletters a lot of attention has been paid to Statement of Work (SOW), a development that we started at the beginning of this year with great enthusiasm. SOW is an important pillar within Nétive’s product strategy, alongside the pillars of Hiring and Recruitment. It has led to two new modules, namely SOW Project Tracking and SOW Worker Management. Modules that can be used together with the other functionality of Nétive VMS to extend existing hiring programmes.

Statement of Work in Netive VMS