Release Nétive VMS march

Release Nétive VMS March 2019

The March release will be available from Monday 18th of March in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment Monday 25th of March.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Determine retention period employee data smarter based on assignments

As of this release, the retention period of the employee data is more intelligently determined based on the employee’s assignments. The system determines the retention period using the most late end date of all assignments. Cancelled orders without timesheets are not included in this determination.

If an employee’s assignment does not have an end date, the employee data is stored indefinitely.

Each time a new assignment is added or changed, the system recalculates the retention period of the employee data. Employees without an assignment follow a different calculation method of the retention period: the employee’s input date is used as the reference date. The system can specify when the system must re-evaluate whether data should still be kept. If, for example, this is 28 days for an employee, then an employee without an assignment is considered to be anonymised after 28 days. DEV-14985

Query published job requisitions and propose candidates available through REST/JSON webservices

We created web services for requesting published applications and proposing candidates using REST/JSON standard. These web services were already available in the SOAP-XML variant, but we noticed that this type of web services is more difficult to implement for career network website developers. This new variant is much easier to implement. DEV-14953

External ID of supplier consultant now available to timecard export

Because some suppliers want to be able to reward their own employees for the turnover, the so-called External ID of the supplier’s consultant can be sent with the HR-OpenStandard timesheet export. This requires a small change in the configuration of the export. Please contact your customer success consultant for further information. DEV-14862