Release Nétive VMS june

Release Nétive VMS June 2019

The June release will be available as of Tuesday 11th of June in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment Monday 17th of June.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Multiple currencies support within one environment

Our Nétive VMS is already one of the most suitable systems for international implementations due to our extensive support for multilingualism and our flexible compliance management system. The only thing our system lacked for international implementations was the support for the use of multiple currencies in one environment.

With the upcoming release, this much-asked for multi-currency support in one environment has been added. For each customer in the system, you can add the currencies used . For each of the currencies, the exchange rates can be managed. As soon as you create an assignment in the system, you determine the currency definitively.  This currency is eventually used to calculate the invoice: this avoids exchange rate risks. Multiple currency bankaccounts can also be added, so that the invoicing process will not be disrupted.

The support of multiple currencies is very sophisticated. When consulting an assignment, timesheet or report (!), the system automatically converts all amounts into your preferred currency! For example: in a report you see all amounts in GBP, while assignments in this report could be set to Euro currency.

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And a taste from the things to come in the next release: we adding multi-currency support to the job requisition and candidate offer process as well!