Release Nétive VMS july 2020

Release Nétive VMS July 2019

The July release will be available as of Monday 8th of July in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment Monday 15th of July.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Compare candidate offers in multiple currencies

We’ve added support to receive candidate offers in multiple currencies. For convenience, rate based ranking methodologies support exchange rates. The offered rated, and the converted rate are both shown in the list of candidate offers. This functionality enables more international implementations, as with this functionality our VMS completely supports the use of multiple currencies in one environment. And, yes, we do support invoicing and taxation in multiple currencies for multiple countries as well!

Support for multiple currencies in job requisition

Within your program, you can configure whether you would like to give the opportunity to the hiring manager to change the billing currency for a job requisition and whether you accept offers in multiple currencies. As we’ve already implemented this functionality in the assignment, compliance management and invoicing process, you can be sure of multiple currencies support within dashboards, reports and exports as well.