Release Nétive VMS January

Release Nétive VMS January 2019

The January release will be available from Monday 21st of January in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment  Monday 28 of January.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

A purchase order number can be added to individual timesheets through an interface or manually

A purchase order number can be added to each individual timesheet. This can be done by hand or via our timesheet interface. This purchase order number can be included in the invoice. Invoices can also be split by purchase order number. In case no purchase order number is added to individual timesheets, the purchase order number is made available in the invoice as registered in the assignment (DEV-14781).

Increase of responsiveness by optimisation breadcrumb trail

We’ve improved the mechanism that keeps the breadcrumb trail. Because the breadcrumb trail is displayed on almost every page, the speed of almost every page has improved (DEV-14737).

Various improvements resource (DEV-14062)

We have added new fields for the business email address and phone number to the resource form. In addition, we have also made it possible to change resource data via our interface. Priorly, you could only add a staff number, but now more changes can be processed. If would like to learn more concerning these changes, please contact one of our Customer Success consultants (DEV-14-62).