Release Nétive VMS february

Release Nétive VMS February 2020

The February release will become available in the acceptance environment on Monday 10 February and will be updated to the production environment on Monday 17 February. Refer to the release notes in Hello! Nétive for more information. This release contains a grand total of 14 new features. These mainly grant increased control over job values, but also greatly promote flexibility in UK-GDPR configuration and in the setup of compliance management. Over the past period, we have developed many new features for our application. We highlight two of them for this release.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Next level compliance management

When we started our compliance management support in 2005, we didn’t realise that we would be extending our compliance management system almost continuously. It became clear that the ever-changing and increasing regulatory pressure in the hiring process requires our continuous attention.

For this release, this has resulted in a number of handy, but also necessary changes. Handy features, such as being able to provide your end-user with specific instructions while handling a compliance task: less ambiguity and more often a “first time right”. And sometimes extra fields are needed to be able to assess compliance: you can have compliance related fields added to a compliance document via so-called templates.

This is particularly useful when configuring the system for IR35. Refining even more: if your end-user only needs to fill in a number of compliance related fields, you can configure the compliance document as such, that uploading of a document becomes an optional task. Better compliance, with greater ease for the end user!

IR35 Support

In April 2020, new changes to the IR35 legislation will be implemented in the UK. Following the public sector (for which IR35 has been in place since 2017), HMRC is now extending the legislation to the private sector as well. In addition to this, the responsibility for enforcing the IR35 tax legislation will shift to the end hirer, impacting almost all of our clients and partners.

track IR35 using Nétive VMS

At Nétive VMS we have anticipated this reformation by supporting the ability to track IR35 in our system. Read more on what we have implemented for IR35 and how you could benefit from it in the next newsletter or take a look at Hello! Netive.

Interested? Contact us through Hello! Nétive if you would like to enable this functionality.