Release Nétive VMS february

Release Nétive VMS February 2019

The February release will be available from Monday 18th of February in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment Monday 25th of February.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Change username

It is now possible for Super Application Administrators to change the user name of a user in the profile of that user. When enabled in the system settings, users can also change their user name themselves (DEV-14796).

Nétive Open API: added support for assessment criteria

We’ve added support for assessment criteria to our Netive OpenAPI platform.

Our web services now allow you to retrieve the assessment criteria beloning to a job requisition. These assessment criteria can for example be shown on a career micro-site. The answers given by a candidate during the application process can also be returned via our integration layer.

Support has been added to the following web services:


Total deductions/expenses column can be hidden on timecard

You’re able to hide the column with the total amounts for deductions and expenses in a timesheet. To do this, you must assign the option ‘Do not show totals of deductions / expenses’ to the roles which are not allowed to see it in the rate definition. This allows you, for example, to make expenses invisible to a freelancer (DEV-14877).