Nétive VMS release december

Release Nétive VMS December 2019

The December release will be available from Monday 25th of November in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment Monday 2th of December.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Hide information about suppliers in the sourcing process (Vendor Neutrality).

From this release it is possible to hide supplier information in the sourcing process. This offers the possibility for the hiring manager to make a selection from the offered candidates without knowing which supplier the candidate is from (suppliers neutral).

In order to use this option, a configuration change is required. Please contact your contact person within Nétive.

Additional addressees can be selected in the e-mail template for ‘Questions’.

It is now possible to notify the MSP user available in the job-requisition of questions asked by the supplier. This can be configured in the email template “Questions”.

Simplified selection of options in the Service Agreement.

In the Service Agreement it is possible to select multiple options at the same time using a multi picklist. This greatly simplifies the management of the Service Agreement.