Nétive VMS release december

Release Nétive VMS December 2018

The December release will be available from Wednesday 12 December in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment  Tuesday 18 December.

Netive VMS cloud applicatie

Description of work location available to “Career network” websites (DEV-14728)

Our OpenAPI has been expanded with the option to provide a description of the work location.
By providing an attractive description of the work location and adding it to your “career network” website, more talent might respond to your vacancy.

Easier integration with Nétive! (DEV-14620)

You might already be familiar with our OpenAPI framework, which is already used by many clients and suppliers to integrate to our system. This framework is based on so-called “SOAP-XML” messages: a very robust way of communicating, but perhaps more difficult to implement.
To lower the threshold to integrate with our system even further, we have added an additional message standard to our OpenAPI for a number of web services: RESTful. This way of communicating is more lightweight, and therefore easier to implement.
In this release, we have added support for editing master data via RESTful: departments, cost centres, customer users and roles of customer users. Of course, we have updated the documentation and provided examples.

Resolved: export of assignments failed if the external ID of job requisition was not filled out. (DEV-5435)

In certain configurations of the assignment export, assignments could not be exported if the external ID of the job requisition had not been filled in. This has been resolved: an empty job requisition external ID does not influence the assignment export anymore.

Resolved: Job requisition list view filtering did not work properly in case of large amounts of job requisitions (APF-5223)

Resolved: in case an environment has large amounts of job requisitions, applying filters could cause error messages. When the filter is used, a maximum of 1000 results is displayed. This behaviour is similar to the filtering of assignments, timesheets and invoices.

Optimised manual anonymising of candidates and employees (APF-5222)

Before this release, you could only anonymise candidates and employees manually if there were no restrictions. From this release on, you can initiate manual anonymisation even if restrictions apply. The anonymisation process will automatically be temporarily postponed and executed by the system once the restrictions no longer apply. This eliminates the risk of forgetting a request to delete data: the system will anonymise candidates automatically as soon as any restrictions have been removed.

Resolved: Anonymous users cannot see links in the footer of a page (APF-5212)

Footers are once again visible on publicly accessible pages.

Further optimisation of candidate offer process in the compliance management system (APF-5189)

If you make use of the “shortened” candidate offering process when offering candidates, we have made the application of the compliance management system’s restrictions more logical. This concerns the restriction on submitting a full offer of a candidate by a supplier. If you use this restriction, it is only imposed after the candidate has been accepted and not when filling out the first initial shortened offer. This is considerably less confusing for a supplier.

Resolved: applicants and mobility candidates are wrongly anonymised as if they were independent contractors (APF-5188)

Our system distinguishes how candidates should be anonymised according to the candidate type. This provides additional flexibility and control over anonymisation processes. In this release, we have resolved the incorrect anonymisation (as if they were independent contractors) of candidates of type “mobility” and “applicant” (which are used for applicants recruited through a “career network”).

Resolved: overview compliance related documents in case of restricted access rights (APF-5163)

In the previous release an error had crept in, in which documents in the compliance management system were no longer visible in the list if you did not have access rights for the document. Before this, you could still see the name and status of the document in case you did not have access rights for the actual document. This allowed you to see whether a restriction was applied (and if so, why) without actually having to access the document.
In this release, the display of the name and status of the document has been restored in case you do not have access rights for the actual document.

Determination of the retention period for already unsubscribed candidates (APF-5141)

In case you have activated the anonymisation functionality for candidates, the standard date on which the retention period expires is set based on the registration date. For candidates who have already unsubscribed, this date will henceforth be set to the date when the candidate unsubscribed.

Displayed messages on anonymisation clarified (APF-5102)

Sometimes anonymisation is not possible, for example when a candidate offer is still being evaluated. Previously, a message was shown that anonymisation was not possible. From this release onwards, a message that anonymization is not possible is only shown if it is relevant. For example: for a candidate whose retention period has not yet expired, no message is shown. In short: messages are only shown if anonymization is desired manually or if it is automatically determined that it is desired.

Resolved: Error message when entering a role in the candidate form (APF-5023)

In exceptional cases, when entering a role in the candidate form, an error message could be shown indicating that the name of the function was too long. This error has been resolved.

Resolved: personnel number and comments fields on employee form did not follow “hide form fields configuration” (APF-4970)

The field “personnel number” was not displayed correctly on the employee form. It was only shown in the summary, but never in the full form view. The field “remarks” was not always shown on the employee form. From this release onwards, these two fields can be configured (with behaviour as expected) via the “hidden form fields configuration”.

Resolved: Mandatory fields were not always marked as being mandatory in the job requisition form (APF-4582)

In some cases, it was not shown correctly whether a field was required in the job requisition form. Only when the form was saved, an error message was displayed whenever fields still had to be filled in. This has been fixed with this release: fields set as mandatory are displayed as such.

Resolved: Freelancer receives login details twice in case of assignment finalisation (3594)

In some cases, a freelancer could receive login details twice whenever an assignment was finalised. This has been resolved in this release.

Resolved: job requisition could not be viewed in case a very large number of sources were used in the sourcing strategy (APF-3107)

Resolved: a change of working days in the assignment was not always processed properly in an existing timesheet (APF-254)

In case the working days were changed in an assignment, a previously created timesheet could sometimes no longer be filled out or processed. Erroneous timesheets could only be corrected by our service desk. With this new release, changes to the working days in the assignment are properly processed in all relevant timesheets.