Release Nétive VMS april

Release Nétive VMS April 2019

The April release will be available from Monday 15th of April in the acceptance environment and will be updated to the production environment Monday 22nd of April.

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Two factor authentication available to multi-tenant environments

As of this release, Nétive VMS supports two-factor authentication for all customer users. We make use of the extra security layer provided by the Salesforce platform. Because users with two-factor authentication log in more securely, the risk of leaks of (personal) data within the scope of the GDPR has been significantly reduced.

This solution is suitable for both single and multi-tenant environments. Two-factor authentication can be used for each customer in an environment. If you opt for this higher security level, then from now on customer users will log in with a username and password and must give permission via a smartphone for each login attempt via an app. The request for permission is automatically initiated on your smartphone, you don’t have to start this app yourself.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use a username, password and a separate code. After two-factor authentication is enabled, customer users can, by means of a wizard, easily link their smartphone to their own user account and choose how they want to receive this code.

Application managers (admins) can disconnect users from their two-factor authentication linked smartphone using a button. This is useful, for example, if someone has forgotten their smartphone or wants to pair a new smartphone. After disconnecting the old device, the customer users can connect another device themselves.

Incidentally, two-factor authentication is not the only way to log in more securely. We also support Single Sign-On, which allows you to log into our application via your company network. If your company network also supports two-factor authentication, you will automatically benefit from this!

If you are interested in these more secure ways of logging in, please contact your Customer Success Consultant.

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