Vendor Management System

Irrespective of the number of suppliers you currently work with, they can all be easily managed through Nétive VMS. With all contracts stored centrally, you can view terms agreed with each vendor. With the aid of the extensive reporting functionality and dashboard module, our solution also enables you to measure the performance of each supplier.

Engage with subscribed suppliers only

Nétive VMS offers the possibility to limit access to the application to subscribed suppliers only.

Complete supplier files

The supplier compliance management system offers options to store documents, such as those you may request during your initial due diligence process (i.e.: general terms and conditions, certificate of incorporation, insurance certificates, etc). You can also choose to add restrictions so that a supplier is unable to submit a new candidate or an invoice until outstanding documents have been uploaded or specific approvals obtained. Details such as the billing address and VAT number can easily be saved in the supplier profile so that they can be used whenever generating a new invoice.

Supplier performance

It is possible to measure supplier performance using the reporting and dashboarding functionality. Among other things, it is possible to report on run time, rates and number of candidates.

Open or close VMS functionality

With our solution you can choose to have the VMS open so that any vendor can subscribe and possibly engage with you. With this approach, you may be able to find a higher number of potential candidates and from that bigger pool select the best ones. Alternatively, you can keep is as a closed VMS, meaning you work only with the suppliers you know and had previously selected.