Vacancy Management in Nétive VMS

Managing all temporary positions

Nétive VMS makes sure that all vacancies are logged and processed centrally. What makes Nétive VMS unique is the possibility to distribute job requisitions to your own suppliers or the open market. This way intermediaries can quickly search for the best candidates and submit them for the most competitive rates.The customer can then have an overview of all candidates submitted by the various suppliers and carry out an efficient assessment based on quality and cost. With regard to the budget, there are no surprises either – when a job requisition is filled, a total cost estimate is made available immediately.


No more rogue hiring

With Nétive VMS you can finally bring your sourcing and hiring processes under control. Our solution gives you one central location for all your job requisitions, which can be easily filled in by your hiring managers using pre-defined profiles (templates). No more hiring from suppliers that have not concluded an agreement with you.

Only approved hiring

The hiring manager stipulates the start and end date for the vacancy. Based on the profile, a cost estimate for the engagement can be calculated. The budget approver digitally approves or rejects the job requisition. The tool also helps you to identify areas of delays that affect the hiring process within your organisation – all steps are fully documented providing you with a complete audit trail.

Your vacancy is sent to your suppliers and independent contractors within minutes

Your vacancy is sent to your suppliers and independent contractors within minutes using a tiered system that can be configured by you.

Your supplier accepts your hiring terms and conditions

In order to submit any candidates, a supplier must first agree to your hiring terms and conditions, which can be generated and sent through the VMS platform.

Quick access to the top 5 candidates

Within the agreed time frame, you will receive candidates and relevant supporting documents, from whichyou can shortlist the top 5 to be sent to the hiring manager.

Accepting and rejecting candidates and suppliers

You can easily accept and reject candidates with the simple click of a button, and, when desired, individual feedback can also be provided to each rejected candidate.