Time Card Management

Electronic timesheets seem the obvious option, but one may be surprised by the number of companies that still use paper timesheets. With Nétive VMS, this is a thing of the past.

Resources can log their own hours per rate type (standard, overtime, surcharge, etc.) with approval of their manager

When the resource receives a Nétive account, they are given access to Nétive VMS, which allows them to log hours worked. The resource can alsosubmit claims for pre-agreed expenses such as mileage for business trips.

Timesheets in an external system can be imported

Timesheets that are approved in an external system can be automatically imported and viewed in Nétive VMS, after which invoices are generated. It is also possible to import timesheets manually via a CSV file.

Timesheet corrects are reflected on the invoice

Amendments can be made to a timesheet, for example, when a mistake needs to be corrected or missing hours have to be added. This can even be done after the timesheet has been invoiced for. In the following invoicing cycle, an amount to be added or deducted, as the case may be, will be shown on the time logging and invoicing pages,ensuring figures are correctly reconciled.

Option to log expenses or deductions on the timesheet

There may be situations in which a resource needs to submit expenses or deductions – all this can be logged using the Nétive VMS. Whether it is mileage allowance, travel expenses or a deduction for lunch at the company cafeteria – it can all be logged and managed through the timesheet.

Time card management Nétive VMS