Retroactive Changes

Whenever you carry out changes using Nétive VMS, all related data such as timesheets and invoices are automatically updated, even if the amendments are made retroactively


Retroactive collective labour agreement changes

Collective labour agreement changes with a start date in the past do not pose a problem when you use Nétive VMS. Simply insert the effective date and the application will automatically determine when the new changes apply, even when that date has already past. You can easily locate these changes by using the timeline.

Retroactive rate changes

It is easy to carry out a rate change in Nétive VMS, even retroactively. All logged hours will be deducted and then recalculated based on the new rate.

A new assignment confirmation is generated after a change

In some cases, new rates require new assignment confirmations. Nétive VMS automatically generates a new assignment confirmation whenever rates are revised.

Use approval structure for changes

The existing approval structure of an organisation can be used to make sure the right stakeholders are consulted prior to carrying out changes related to ongoing assignments.