By using digital invoicing, only the hours that have been duly approved by the hiring manager will be picked up from the submitted timesheet.

Only approved timesheets on the invoice

Only hours that have been approved by the hiring manager can be included on an invoice.

Hours and expenses on the invoice

Both hours and expenses can be included on the invoice. This applies for invoices to suppliers as well as consolidated invoices to the customer.

One customer invoice per month

The MSP, Master Vendor or Internally Managed Program can take care of the work for the customer. One consolidated invoice is sent to the customer each month, including all invoices (hours and expenses) from the various vendors supplying into the program.

Invoicing Highlight


All hours and expenses are specified in detail on the invoice. No more disputes regarding an invoice.

Pre-financing your hiring program

The consolidated invoice for the customer can be generated when the hours have been approved by the hiring manager. This way, the invoice can be paid to the MSP/Master Vendor before the various suppliers have to be paid. Multiple managed programs are financed this way.

Supplier invoices

Supplier invoices can be raised in the portal by the suppliers themselves. This invoice may only contain approved hours. The supplier can place its own invoice number on the invoice. If desired, supplier pro-forma invoices can also be generated in advance.