Dashboarding & Reporting with Nétive VMS

Get the insights and data needed to take smarter hiring decisions.

Over 100 standard reports

Standard reports are provided on a strategic, tactical and operational level. This includes the following reports:

Operational reports:

It is possible to create an overview of, for example, invoices per customer and respective status; outstanding invoices from suppliers, customer or MSP.  It is also possible to produce a report of all users of a customer; the total assignment spend per cost centre or department; or the number of logged hours during a specific period.

Tactical reports:

Using the same feature it is possible to generate reports on the number of active assignments per month; reasons for the various job requisitions, per position; an overview of the estimated total hiring costs peryear/quarter/month/four-week period; or still a supplier performance report.

Strategic reports:

On a strategic level, standard reports are available regarding rate negotiation results, open vacancies and how long they remain unfilled , overview of the time-to-fill per position, status of supplier documentation and the average number of days for digital file completion, to name a few.

Super quick report and dashboard generation

It is very easy to create reports in Nétive VMS with the default Salesforce functionality for Reporting & Dashboarding. Click and drag information to fields, groups and graphs, and gain real-time insight, with the ability to zoom in on the data.

Take informed decisions

Based on real-time reports, informed decisions can be taken regarding the sourcing strategy, the spend and the suppliers.