Compliance Management

All documents for all resources 100% up to date with the digital file. The process of expiring documents is completely under control as well.

All contract agreements and additional documents centralised

After the assignment is created, contract confirmations are placed in the digital assignment file. These can be approved by the departmental manager or the budget approver, the supplier, independent contractor, or resource. It is possible to share viewing access to the documents with others in the organisation, and to deny this access again. Furthermore, it is possible to upload individual documents to the file.

Automatic generation of assignment confirmations

Assignment confirmations are automatically generated based on a template. The name of the resource, department and rate are automatically filled in in the uniform document. When, for example, the rate changes, a new assignment conformation is generated.

Configurable per customer, contract type and/or role category

The organisation may have certain demands for assignment confirmations. For example, assignment confirmations for an independent contractor may be different from confirmations for a resource. In the application, a distinction can be made so the correct target groups receive the correct assignment confirmations.

Your supplier accepts your hiring terms and conditions

Before the candidate is proposed, the terms and conditions are digitally presented to the supplier. These terms and conditions need to be approved. Without approval, the supplier is not able to propose.

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