Assignment Administration with Nétive VMS

Contract management and resource data management form the basic functionality of the hiring application. Within this feature of Nétive VMS all data is saved, including contracts and individuals’complete employment history. As soon as a new contract is created, the application automatically sends it to the supplier. It is possible to carry out future or retroactive amendments to the contracts – all related data is updated automatically.

All details on one page

All relevant information regarding the assignment (i.e.: department, length of engagement, rate, important documents, applicable fees, etc.) is available on the assignment page.

Assignment timeline

Changes may occur during the assignment. In order to view these, you can use the assignment timeline;  by selecting one of the displayed dates, you can get the relevant details and see what has changed over the course of the assignment.

Checking applicable rates

The applicable and up to date rate for the assignment can be found on the overview page of the assignment. This can be linked to an existing rate agreement or applicable collective labour agreement. The assignment page can also include other items, such as surcharge hours, overtime, allowances and deductions.