Nétive Manager app

Our Manager App is here! Your VMS, but in your pocket. The app presents you an overview of your tasks and the following functionalities:

Approve the timecards on the fly

All the timecards that need your approval are available in the app. If you have some spare time or you are waiting in between meetings, you can take a look. Approving one of them is as easy as one touch on your screen. Netive VMS will take care that once approved, the timecard is sent to your supplier immediately.

Send a new job requisition out

In a few steps you are able to send a job requisition using the function profiles that have been predefined in your VMS. The available information is already put in place. Going through the process, you track your progress in the upper part of the screen.
Additionally, you will find an overview of your current requisitions and their state in the process.

A list of all your current resources

In the list of resources you will find the employees that are currently under your responsibility. There your can view the most important information concerning their assignment as well as their contact details.