Nétive VMS – our agile and secure Vendor Management System

Nétive VMS helps you control the entire hiring process, from raising the job requisition to the invoice approval; all steps of the hiring process are neatly and transparently supported for all employees involved with contingent workforce management in the organisation.

What is a vendor management system (VMS)?

A Vendor Management System supports the complete management of job requisitions, contracts, compliance requirements, time reporting and invoicing. Our VMS solution enables complete control of the entire hiring process. As your contingent workforce programme changes over time, our solution is able to change with the agility you need. The modular set up of our VMS guarantees having the best fitting functionality available, whenever your requirements change. Perm recruitment, freelancer management or statement of work management can be additionally introduced to your contingent workforce  programme. They are all modules of one integrated system. So you do not need additional tools to implement new  solutions  to widen the scope of service you provide. A wider scope will enable you to achieve more cost savings; mitigate risk and add even more value.

International compliance

Nétive VMS has built-in international capabilities such as multilingual masterdata and support for multiple currencies with automatic rate conversion. With our easy to configure, but very comprehensive Compliance Management System, also enables you to support multicountry programmes as well as mid-market solutions. You can count on our understanding of your local requirements, ranging from the GDPR to IR35.

Source talent the way you want

Unique to Nétive VMS is the combination of available talent sourcing capabilities. The solution ranges from traditional tiered sourcing and vending out shifts to sourcing using freelancer pools. We also offer direct sourcing capabilities, vacancy multi-posting using Broadbean and leveraging existing permanent staff based on skill-based hiring.

Optimise cost savings opportunities

Our VMS captures all financially relevant data of your contingent workforce management programme. It is therefore able to transparently visualise the actual achieved cost savings and which cost savings strategies performed best. This helps you to continuously underpin the business case of your programme. Unique is our prescriptive analytics capabilities using Salesforce’s Einstein. This enables you to holistically determine additional cost savings opportunities by analysing your programmes goals and automatically suggest changes for your programme.

Our solutions are flexible to suit your needs

Nétive VMS is suitable for an internal and outsourced MSPs, Master Vendor models and also for organisations that want to consider implementing one of these solutions in the future. MSPs and Master Vendors can manage multiple organisations within one environment (multi-tenancy), at the same time. Our solution, which includes a very advanced dashboard and reporting option, can be fully used via a web browser. And – of course – we seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP, HRIS or financial systems.  Due to our incredible agile configuration capabilities, changing an approval workflow can be done within minutes.

Which functionality is offered by our VMS?

After the video below you will find an overview of the key functionalities of our application. Over 70% of our functionality has been validated as “Best Imaginable/Fully Configurable” by the leading Staffing Industry Analysts VMS Global Landscape and Differentiators Report 2019. This includes “Supplier engagement and management (vendor management)” and “Direct sourcing”. We are also particularly proud of the fact that we even come forward as “class leading” for “Time, expenses and invoicing” and “Reporting and Analytics”.

We gladly show it to you! Contact us for a demo or register for one of our webinars which are announced in our newsletter.

Netive VMS video

Nétive VMS vacancy management

Vacancy Management

Managing all temporary positions Nétive VMS makes sure that all vacancies are logged and processed centrally. What makes Nétive VMS unique is the possibility ...
Nétive VMS manager app


Our Manager App is here! Your VMS, but in your pocket. The app presents you an overview of your tasks ...
Confirm delivery

Vendor Management

Irrespective of the number of suppliers you currently work with, they can all be easily managed through Nétive VMS. With ...
Nétive VMS pool management

Pool Management

Candidate pools can be managed by the suppliers. After the candidates have been proposed by the suppliers, managers can label ...
Nétive VMS on and offboarding

On- and offboarding

No time to waste. Resources are immediately given access to all the tools they need at the start of the ...
Nétive VMS price agreeement Management

Price Agreement Management

All types of price agreements can be centrally documented. No more uncertainties regarding rate agreements with suppliers and independent contractors ...
Confirm delivery and invoice

Assignment Administration

Contract management and resource data management form the basic functionality of the hiring application. Within this feature of Nétive VMS all data is saved, ...
Nétive VMS Compliance Management

Compliance Management

All documents for all resources 100% up to date with the digital file. The process of expiring documents is completely ...
Nétive VMS Time-card Management

Time Card Management

Electronic timesheets seem the obvious option, but one may be surprised by the number of companies that still use paper timesheets ...
Nétive VMS Invoicing


By using digital invoicing, only the hours that have been duly approved by the hiring manager will be picked up ...
Nétive VMS Dashboarding andd reporting

Dashboarding & Reporting

Get the insights and data needed to take smarter hiring decisions. Standard reports are provided on a strategic, tactical and ...
Nétive VMS optimised process, workflow and Approval

Workflow & Approval

Our advice is to use a maximum of 5 workflows per multi-tenant application, and re-use some of them, if necessary. However, ...
Nétive VMS Retroactive changing

Retroactive Changes

Whenever you carry out changes using Nétive VMS, all related data such as timesheets and invoices are automatically updated, even if ...
Nétive VMS work items


With the help of our multi-tenancy application it is possible to manage multiple customers in one single environment. Multiple customers ...
Compliance management

Your own corporate identity

Every customer can access our system branded according to the required company branding standards. Customer specific branding is even available ...
Nétive VMS Interfacing


Nétive VMS offers integration options for the customer as well as the supplier.  For the customer, this includes interfacing with HRM, Procurement, ...