Worker onboarding and offboarding

No time to lose. Employees can immediately have the appropriate tools and facilities at their disposal when starting their assignment within a Statement of Work (SoW). Our onboarding functionality automatically informs your organisation about which facilities an employee needs to have prior to the start of a SoW.

And at the end of the SoW – or the end of the employee’s deployment – your organisation is automatically informed again to disable user accounts and collect the handed out keycards, laptops and other items.

Of course, you can combine all management of onboarding and offboarding activities of all types of contingent workers in our VMS.

Timely delivery of keycards, user accounts and NDA’s

With an onboarding item, the internal organisation is informed that a worker employed via a Statement of Work needs certain tools or facilities within the organisation. This can vary from keycards and user accounts to signed non-disclosure agreements. From safety helmets to mobile phones and laptops. Once this has been arranged, it can be ticked off per worker registered for an assignment within the Statement of Work. And, of course, seamless integration with your own personnel information system increases onboarding and offboarding efficiency even more.

Screenshot of worker onboarding checklist