Nétive Statement of Work: worker management

Our aim within Worker Management module is to provide a continuous level of visibility and control over Statement of Work and all related resources, and we see this visibility as critical in allowing any sense of progression within Statement of Work more generally. Statement of Work itself poses a minefield of compliance and regulatory risks, therefore having visibility in order to create indicative reports, or to identify areas of risk that demand attention is critical. Often, the level of visibility available to the business is lacking, and this can expose the company to risks that they are not always aware of. Our global customers can be impacted by legislation and regulations that apply to their third stream of employees – further intensified by the impending IR35 legislation.


With the SOW Worker Management module you are able to comprehensively manage the compliance across the chain of contracted and subcontracted workers and resources. Employee data, supplier chain tracking, on/off boarding and digital file documentation are aspects of SOW supported by this module. After a project has been recorded, the contracted party or contract owner of the project can register themself and register their employees. In case of subcontractors, secondary suppliers or independent freelancers, the main contract owner can register all subcontractors and request them to register their personnel themselves.

Visibility and transparency

In this way, the entire chain of suppliers and employees can be made transparent. Linked across the entire chain is Nétive’s digital file system to ensure full automated compliance management. As you will have come to expect in Nétive VMS, this can be determined in advance for each role meaning a no hassle, watertight compliance process can be applied to every project in the system. The same goes for on and offboarding, for example issuing access cards, login details and materials can be initiated from the VMS and the completion of these items can also be tracked and recorded in the VMS.


Within Worker Management, we aim to provide a simple and easy way to mitigate risks, increase control and visibility and make a fundamental impact to the effectiveness of your hiring program. With our integrated Worker Management module, you can:

  1. Establish a consistent process for identifying and reporting on all workers, regardless of job type, location or conditions.
  2. Ensure compliance with laws and regulations by automating processes for registering and checking all employee files.
  3. Reduce risks in the areas of access control, use of resources and other policy risks by automatically onboarding and offboarding employees.
  4. Prevent double and manual data entry through integrations with Procuration Systems, Personnel Information Systems, security and access systems.
  5. Have a centralised, standardised and holistic overview of the data surrounding your talent domains – enabling more data driven decision making.

In short, with the SOW Worker Management module you can gain full visibility and control of the compliance across all SOW workers and resources. We gladly demonstrate our SOW worker management capabilities; please do let us know if you want to schedule a 45 minutes demo.

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