Statement of Work: Worker compliance management

All documents of all SoW employees are 100% kept up-to-date using our VMS‘ built-in compliance management system. Documents are automatically retrieved, sent for approval and monitored on their expiration date. Extensive automation of compliance related tasks, ensure Statement of Work worker compliance management with ease!

Compliance files - centrally managed for all SoW’s

The documents required to consider an employee to be ” compliant ” are automatically collected by our system from the supplier or the worker. Documents are monitored on their expiration date and can be presented to, for example, the owner of the Statement of Work for verification or approval.

Screenshot of Worker Compliance Management within a statement of work

Automatic compliance monitoring

If a worker is found to be non-compliant, the system can, if desired, automatically impose restrictions in the continuation of the process. Such as blocking the onboarding of a worker; effectively, non-compliant employees are literally rejected at the entrance of your building. This is probably the most used – and unique functionality – of our SOW Worker Compliance Management system.

Full GDPR compliance

Of necessity, all documents are automatically deleted if there is no longer a valid data processing purpose within the framework of the GDPR.