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Project Tracking is the second part of Nétive’s SOW module and acts as a natural development from Worker Management. Project Tracking naturally incorporates all of the compliance and registrative functionality within Worker Management. The solution enables the end to end process for managing Statement of Work resources and projects, incorporating full compliance management.

Within Project Tracking, outsourced projects can be recorded and tracked centrally. Contract agreements, progress monitoring, budget approval, quality control and invoicing are aspects of SOW that are supported by this module. A registered project can be supplemented with milestones, deliverables or other work items that need to be tracked. Also the delivery or receipt of these work items can be recorded. By means of a flexible approval process a delivered work item can be checked before it is finally approved. Approved work items can then be invoiced from the system in a variety of ways, and off-boarding is also managed. Extensive reporting and analytics provide a continuous overview of the status, progress and budget of all projects.

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Within Project Tracking, we aim to provide an easy way to manage the end to end process of procure to pay across Statement of Work projects and resources. Project Tracking allows you to:

  1. Establish a consistent process for identifying and reporting on all workers, regardless of job type, location or conditions.
  2. Ensure compliance with laws and regulations by automating processes for registering and checking all employee files.
  3. Reduce risks in the areas of access control, use of resources and other policy risks by automatically onboarding and offboarding employees.
  4. Prevent double and manual data entry through integrations with Procuration Systems, Personnel Information Systems, security and access systems.
  5. Have a centralised, standardised and holistic overview of the data surrounding your talent domains – enabling more data driven decision making.

In short, with the SOW Project Tracking module you have total control over outsourced projects.

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