Approval workflow

Just like a timesheet or an invoice, a Statement of Work and its work items can be ran through an approval process. This approval process can be handled entirely by our system within your organisation. Your supplier, hiring desk or MSP can also be engaged in approving the SoW and work items. Because you document all agreed conditions, terms and work items on the Statement of Work and have them confirmed by all those involved, there will never be a discussion again about expenditure as a result of a Statement of Work.

Because every organisation has different approval processes, our implementation consultants will work with you to set up the desired approval processes for your organisation.

Approval workflow process definition with unprecedented agileness

Using our “Self Service Application“, Statement of Work approval workflow processes can be defined using a web-based workflow definition tool. Using simple “drag-and-drop” actions, steps can be added, modified or removed within an approval process. With a click of a button, the process can be rolled out to your acceptance environment for testing purposes. Once tested and approved, a workflow process can be implemented within your production environment.

“We can implement a new workflow process within minutes”

Screenshot Netive Statement of Work approval workflow process definition tool

Audit trail

All steps within the Statement of Work approval workflow processes are logged in an audit trail in Nétive VMS. For each step, the name of the approver, the time and the action taken are captured. This audit trail runs all the way from procurement to pay. So no more discussion on expenditure on a Statement of Work, as every approval within the workflow process is registered.

Of course, we also record the lead times of each of the steps within an approval process, so that you can analyse any bottlenecks. Remarkably, we can differentiate internal from external processes steps. This ensures a fair evaluation of agreed upon KPI’s and SLA with your suppliers.