Nétive Statement of Work

Nétive Statement of Work (SOW) enables you to purchase services from your suppliers in a compliant, efficient and simple manner. These services are usually not comparable to regular hiring and therefore need to be processed differently.

Efficient and simple administration combined with automatic monitoring enables you to take full control of your costs with ease.

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What is a Statement of Work?

In a Statement of Work (SoW) you record the activities, prices, milestones and timelines for procured services that you have agreed with your supplier. Because an SoW can arise anywhere in your organisation and is almost always classified under a different budget then “normal” contingent workforce, controlling the costs and processes arising from a SoW is very complex.

How does the market for Statement of Work develop?

In the market it is assumed that the expenditure (spend) for the services purchased with a Statement of Work is almost 5 times higher than for regular hiring. New law and legislative regulations, such as the soon to be effectuated IR35, also drive adoption of new types of services procurement.The importance of getting control on this type of procurement is therefore very high.

Integral management of all contingent workforce

In our Vendor Management System (VMS), management of your SoWs is supported through the integrated Statement of Work module. Our approach allows you to truly monitor and manage all forms of all hired talent from a single application: registration, compliance, onboarding/offboarding, performance justification, invoicing and reporting. Total control and transparency, as you would expect from us!

Worker onboarding and offboarding

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Worker compliance management

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Approval workflow

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