Netive Connect

Instant decrease of manual administrative labour with Nétive Connect

Staffing agencies supplying talent to employers unfortunately have to deal with a lot of manual administrative work. The cost of this work is detrimental to the agency’s margin and will therefore to some degree be part of the total cost of hiring external talent as an employer. With the Nétive Connect platform, this can be a thing of the past. Nétive Connect is an integration platform solely for exchanging data between Nétive VMS and staffing agency systems.

What administrative work?

The amount of administrative work, even in a fairly automated process, is still quite significant. Let’s assume e.g. an employer utilises a VMS and a staffing agency uses an of-the-shelf or proprietary software product. For now, let’s call it a mid office system. The required manual labour that still needs to be done is:

  • Pick up the requisition from the VMS
  • Put that into the mid office system to start recruiting and matching
  • Download the CV from the mid office system
  • Upload the CV in the VMS
  • Download contract details from the VMS
  • Input contract details in the mid office system
  • Download timesheets from the VMS
  • Input the timesheets to pay the workers in the mid office system
  • Download invoices from the VMS
  • Input invoice data in the mid office system

To make matters worse, an agency probably needs to do this differently for every single client, as they might have different VMS systems, or multiple instances of the same VMS.