Vendor Management

Supplier management can easily be regulated in Nétive FMS, regardless of the number of suppliers that you are in business with. All agreements are centrally documented for all employment agencies, secondment agencies and independent contractors. With the aid of the extensive report- and dashboard module, the performance of the suppliers can be measured.

Only subscribed suppliers are allowed to supply

Nétive FMS offers the possibility to only provide access to the application to subscribed suppliers.

Complete files of my suppliers

The supplier file offers options to save required documents. For example, general terms and conditions, AVI, statements from the tax authorities, or corporate-specific documents. It is possible to add restrictions, so that a supplier can only propose or invoice a candidate after the candidate has uploaded or approved certain documents. Details regarding invoicing (invoice address, VAT identification numder, etc.) can easily be saved in the supplier profile, so that these details can be used for invoicing.

Performance of my suppliers

It is possible to measure the supplier performance via reports and dashboarding. Among other things, it is possible to report on run time, rates, or proposed candidates.

Open or closed Freelancer Management System

Open up the FMS so all suppliers and independent contractors can subscribe. This way, it is possible to find many potential candidates and select the best candidate. Another solution is to manage the suppliers yourself with the selected suppliers.