Pool Management

Our solution enables customers to manage talent pools in an efficient way. Once the candidates have been submitted by the suppliers, hiring managers can categorise the resources in order to create a pool.

A candidate pool for each supplier

Each vendor is able to create its own talent pool by registering their resources in the application. The access to each candidate pool is restricted to the vendor who owns it.

Candidate categorisation

Recruiters and MSPs can categorise candidates (including independent contractors), so that they can easily be found via the integrated Search & Match functionality.

Candidate anonymisation

Candidates that have not been submitted for a long time, but who are still available in the talent pool,  can automatically or manually be made anonymous, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Never miss a CV

In most cases, the CV is the decisive factor in determining whether the candidate is hired or not. When a candidate is first submitted through the system, it can be determined if the supplier is required to provide a CV, so that the initial submission is always complete.

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