Nétive FMS offers integration options for the customer as well as the supplier.  For the customer, this entails interfacing regarding HRM, Procurement, Finance or integrated ERP packages. For the supplier,  this often entails integrations with back office packages for employment agencies or secondment agencies.

Master data always up to date

Via our extensive API framework it is possible to edit master data from SAP, SuccesFactors or other platforms real-time. This way, employees always use the most recent data.

Assignment and resource information automatically forwarded to external systems

After the assignment is created, the data can immediately be forwarded via an XML message to other HR and ERP systems such as SAP HR, PeopleSoft or Succesfactors. The HR and Purchasing employees can immediately get to work in order to take care of necessary affairs.

Linkable with SAP, SuccesFactors, Peoplesoft or via an ESB

Nétive FMS can be linked to various HR and ERP systems. This can be done when the application is first implemented, but it can also be configured at a later time. Our consultants are glad to assist you in finding the best solution.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

If, due to corporate policies, it is not possible to connect directly to Nétive FMS, you can use our Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).