Assignment Administration

Contract management and resource data management is the basic functionality of the hiring application. In this part of Nétive FMS all data is saved, including contracts and complete employment histories. As soon as a new contract is created, the application automatically sends a contract to the supplier. It is possible to carry out mutations to contracts retroactively or in the future: all related data will be updated automatically.

All details on one page

All relevant information regarding the assignment is available on the assignment page, such as department information, run time of the assignment, rate, important candidate documents, the supplier, the hiring manager, etc.

Assignment timeline

Assignments may change. With the aid of the assignment timeline, you can see what has changed over the course of the run time of the assignment. By selecting the date of the change, the previous situation is conveniently displayed.

Rate agreements can be consulted

The going rate for the assignment is displayed on the assignment overview page. This rate may be linked to a rate agreement or collective labour agreement. It is also possible to document various surcharges, overtime, or allowances and deductions in the assignment.