Advanced Workforce Analytics: Integrated Business Intelligence

As an add-on to the VMS technology and the standard reports and dashboards, Nétive VMS offers the Advance Workforce Analytics module. 

The standard reports and dashboards enable you to perform historical statistical analyses on sub-processes in the VMS. But if you want to make a step from data-supported decision making to data-driven decision making, this places higher demands on your data tools. Your needs shift from reports to Business Intelligence.

This is why Nétive VMS provides you with the Advanced Workforce Analytics module. Using Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics (Business Intelligence) technology, Nétive VMS enables you to perform analyses on the end-to-end hiring process. And all this in a never before seen interactive way! Build our own dashboard; create dashboard widgets and even ask your dashboard a question about your data!

You can apply these principles for monitoring your day-to-day programme operations; optimize your sourcing strategy and amazing your internal or external stakeholders with instant insights. Also consider the other drivers of your workforce programme. Workerclassification, retention, genderequality, diversity and many more. Formulate your datarelated question and the Advanced Workforce Analytics module will help you visualize your current state.

Accessible Business Intelligence for the contingent workforce professional

Furthermore, you don’t need to employ a data analyst to make sense of your data. Nétive VMS provides you with three dashboards on an operational, tactical and strategic level, which you can use immediately!

Take the next step in your data maturity with the integrated, interactive, immediately usable and for contingent workforce tailored Business Intelligence tool of Nétive VMS: Advanced Workforce Analytics.

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